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Headshot small - MattMatthew G. Baker

As a child in a family that was frequently on the move, Matt Baker was exposed to a wide variety of cultures and environments during his formative years, resulting in unending curiosity and a passion for travelling. After 10 years as a scientist, Matt realized his true calling is filmmaking and headed west to enroll in the Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program. While there he specialized in directing and post-production, editing and colour correcting several projects for fellow students. He has co-written and directed a number of shorts, including Captain Ballantine and The Painted Lady and Rent-A-Way. Currently he is working on a documentary feature, A Hand in the Darkness.

Contact: baker.mg@gmail.com                       www.mattgbaker.com

Rozlyn F. YoungHeadshot small - Roz

Roz Young grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta trying to decide if she would rather be a scientist, writer, or filmmaker. She pursued her love of science first. After completing her M.Sc., Roz worked and published in microbiology before attending the Vancouver Film School for screenwriting. During her time at VFS, she collaborated with students from other departments to co-write a video game trailer, two episodes of a science fiction webseries, a neo-noir android detective comic, and a steampunk, action/adventure short film. Roz created and wrote pilot episodes for a ghost hunting horror webseries and an original science fiction TV comedy.

Roz is a staff writer for Sequential Tart, an online magazine devoted to comics and pop culture, which is primarily written and published by women. She is inspired by screenwriters like Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright, Fran Walsh, and Joss Whedon. Her favourite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

Contact: rozlynfyoung@gmail.com                      www.rozfyoung.com