Captain Ballantine

Captain Daphne Ballantine is an intrepid adventuress in 1890s London. A little bit steampunk, a little bit Indiana Jones, she is in a race to find the lost treasure of the airship The Painted Lady. Relentlessly pursued by the dastardly Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Darrow, Daphne must use all of her cunning to remain one step ahead, even if it means teaming up with rival adventurer (and her former lover) Captain Edward Rose.

The characters and world of Daphne Ballantine were inspired by a love of high adventure and fantasy. Full of witty banter and sword fights, reminiscent of The Princess Bride, we hope to pursue a webseries or feature film version of Captain Ballantine in the future.

Check out the official website for Captain Ballantine and The Painted Lady.