In Development

A selection of projects in various stages of development.


Frank Falls

Story Format – Feature Film     Genre: Drama, Comedy

A young pharmacist must find the courage to come out to his parents and their tightly-knit, curling obsessed town when he and his boyfriend move home to Frank Falls, Ontario.

This script has been submitted to competitions in 2014.


Dead Skies Dead Skies

Story Format – Feature Film Script           Genre: Horror, Slasher

Three siblings on a road trip across Canada stop in remote, rural Saskatchewan to visit their great-grandfather’s homestead and must fight for their survival when the local farmhouse owners turn out to be killers.

Check out some of Matt’s photography for our inspiration to set a horror movie in remote Saskatchewan fields.


Man’s Worst Friend 

Story Format – TV Movie     Genre: Disaster, Horror, Comedy

When the friendly dogs of San Francisco are infected with a killer virus, lonely veterinarian Sheryl Quick must reconnect with her mother and brother to solve the mystery of the outbreak.


Two Can Play At That Game

Story Format – Feature Film Script           Genre: Drama, Comedy

Three young, married couples head to a secluded cabin for an idyllic weekend and must decide whether to save their marriages after the discovery of a past affair, lingering feelings, and a terrible secret.



Story Format – Single Camera Televsion Pilot    Genre: Comedy

Janelle Scott, a bored biologist, teams up with career HAZMAT technician Bert Doyle to clean up sites of alien attacks and her messy personal life. The government agency, a joint US/Canadian taskforce, tries to sweep the attacks under the conspiracy rug but Janelle and Bert plan to uncover the truth about the aliens and his former partner Ernesto’s mysterious death.

The pilot script for HAZMAT has been submitted for competition this year!


Radon Love

Story Format – Short Film Script           Genre: Romantic Comedy

Agnes, a clueless chemist, attempts to write the greatest love story of all time using the scientific method and her lab partner, David, as a test subject.


Space Babes From Planet V and the Zombie Squirrels of Doom

Story Format – Feature Film            Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy

Three transvestites must foil plans for world domination by a trio of evil Space Babes during a squirrel induced zombie outbreak.

Space babe

Watch the Dedfest Horror Movie Trailer we made inspired by Space Babes from Planet V!